Myth War II Closed Beta Test Launched

ARTICLE The Closed Beta Test for Myth War II Online ( has begun since 04:30 June 13(GMT-5)! IGG has released a new complete manual patch which is available on its official website.

For more information about client download and installation visit its official website

Myth War Closed Beta Coming

ARTICLE Myth War 2.0 Online ( is a MMORPG brought to you by IGG. After a period of frantic hard work, the MythWar 2.0 Closed Beta is expected to be launched very soon.

Today, the MW team will introduce certain details to ensure everything goes smoothly during the test period and offer

Myth War: New Edition, New Changes


Myth War ( is an ATB turn-based MMORPG brought to you by IGG ( The release of the new edition of Myth War 2.0 is fast approaching. Today, the MW team was kind enough to introduce some of the features about the new edition.

Feature One: Characters change

Myth War: Memorial Day Events

ARTICLE With Memorial Day fast approaching, the Myth War Online ( team will be holding 2 special events to remember those soldiers who died for honor and in defense of peace and freedom.

Event 1: 4x Exp for Beating Mobs

Event Duration: 12:00 midnight May 24th -11:59pm May 26th

Myth War Online: Weekend Blowout


During the weekend, the Myth War team will be holding two events, the first is the MW In-game Olympic Torch Relay and the second is the Drowcrusher Quest.

MW In-game Olympic Torch Relay

Event Duration - From 3:00pm to 5:00pm on April 26th (server time)

Event Rewards: 200 Fortune