Mythic Reign

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    Text Based Fantasy

Mythic Reign is a free-to-play, text-based fantasy RPG. The Veil has torn, and portals to the lands of Ozryn have opened to worlds beyond. Create your own mythical character, build their strength, equip them, and battle against savage foes to determine your destiny.

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  • edgar allan bro

    this game is awesome!!

  • diego23

    yes, awesome game!

  • Amy Walker

    Awesome game!
    I’m a Vampire called Violet Vengance

  • Rebecca

    Ok This game is a fraud. The owners are using scripts to play themselves and allowing the players to script thousands of kills in minutes while pretending they are valid. They have no control over this game/ If you play be warned you are going to go nowhere. They want your money but will not let you play. They allow cheaters to dominate day in and day out botting. When you bring it to their attention they will ban you. They know full well. Expect very little from this group. Example

    Wins: 827
    #1 Hollywood [19812]

    Wins: 95
    #2 Lothaire [26304]

    Wins: 63
    #3 Imalia [28341]

    Wins: 53
    #4 Liv DellaRovere [19642]

    Wins: 49
    #5 Lex DellaRovere [3997]

    Wins: 46
    #6 Dormammu [27887]

    Wins: 23
    #7 Kzensia Lascivia [21733]

    Wins: 13
    #8 Makenna Rose [22794]

    Wins: 13
    #9 Teagan Drako Harvey [26900]

    Wins: 11
    #10 Anne [19719]

    Wins: 8
    #11 Paolito [28018]

    Wins: 7
    #12 Tigrah V Fortis [27062]

    First 20 minutes of play time.

    • Anti Clique

      It is a shame that you wasted most of your time in this dramatic game.

  • Hamusuta

    Very popular and playerbase is increasing daily – very frequent updates and events.

  • Do you really care?

    Did not like it.
    Much drama, jealousy and horny teenagers for my liking.
    ID #30921: Realize your feelings before taking any step into marriage or engagement. Just a crush, pretty much teen thing. Go cut yourself to feel better after having your heart “broken”. Freaking out and blocking any cutie won’t heal your wounds, and you say that you wanted to stay friends with your ex acting like that? Pffft, pathetic.

  • NONE

    Certain players taint your gaming experience.