Open, Sesame: Nadirim Closed Beta Launches Oktober 12



On 12 October 2010, the free-2-play MMORPG, Nadirim, will enter closed beta, which is scheduled by Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe to last up to three months. In the meantime and during the beta, Nadirim's creators will continue to release further game assets, including character classes, mobs, maps, and game features in the Nadirim Game Guide.

Nadirim Interview: 1001 Gaming Nights


Hi, my name is Zoltán Mészáros and I'm working as a game designer on the project. I am a member of the story and vision team.

Nadirim Introduces Skill System


Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe reveal a new gameplay feature: the skill system in Nadirim which works with two specialization skill trees of each character class.

Nadirim reveals further game features


After the successful premiere of Nadirim for the press at gamescom 2010, Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe will launch the official Nadirim forum on Wednesday, September 1st, to introduce the gaming community to the Empire of the Eternal Sun.