Navyfield Online Review: Fast Action


If you're looking for a fast paced game that gives high rewards in little time, then Navyfield Online is the game for you. The game is based on the watery graves of World War II, where players must create and upgrade ships in order to compete with enemy players. Navyfield Online is more of a casual gaming experience rather than the traditional time consuming grindfest. It's not really the type of game that will lock players in an instance for ten hours; instead, it lets players enjoy every minute of the game with less customizations and more action. Sounds good? Consider it a breath of fresh air after your mundane MMO experience. High-end torpedo battles, carrier gunning, fire control systems, let's see what else this game has to offer? 

NavyField Europe, Submarine detail released and New Server Events UP!

ARTICLE NavyField Europe (Company: eFusion MMOG GmbH) announced the details of submarines.

A new sailor tree and new submarine tree will be created and 16 submarines have been preparing for now.

Submarines are a bit slower than other normal ships and the torpedo of submarine has a shorter range and more

NavyField Europe July press release-New Server & World Championship

ARTICLE NavyField Europe (Company: eFusion MMOG) announced today they will add a 2nd server at the end of July.

The 2nd server will be an English server and many events will be started on server launch day.

They also announced they are joining the GNGWC (Game&Game World Championship) and they will start