Need for Speed No Limits Mobile

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    EA Games

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    Sports, Racing

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Need for Speed No Limits Mobile is the newest definitive mobile multiplayer car racing game from EA Games! Packed with new race cars, maps, as well as customizable engine and parts, the player can now burn rubber and dominate the professional competition on his mobile. Charge up your adrenaline and rush into the streets! Need for Speed No Limits Mobile is available on both the iOS and Android.


Car Classes:
Need for Speed No Limits Mobile, following the trend set in its console, offers the player a diverse range of vehicles. Choose from the vehicle classes of Street Car, Muscle Car, Super Car, and more. Need for Speed No Limits Mobile lets you access separate garages to accommodate for your vehicle selection.

New Super Cars:
Need for Speed No Limits Mobile lets the player drive in some of the newest and fastest super cards in the market! These icnludes the Ferrari 458, the Mercedes AMG GT, and the McLaren 650s!

Car Tuning: Need for Speed No Limits Mobile allows the player to freely customize their favorite vehicles! Each car can be tuned according to the player's own liking. Players can tune their car's statistics to stay ahead of their competitors.

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    The first Need for Speed experience designed specifically for mobile is now available on iOS and Android.

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