Nether Launches Territory Wars Game Feature

NEWS Today, Nether Productions announces that these tribes can now compete for control of the city by capturing strategic buildings to reap resources and prove their dominance. Along with 10 buildings play...

Nether introduces crafting and future planned features

NEWS The urban survival game Nether has earned some new features requested by the community. The long awaited crafting and tradining feature is now live and now players can now scavenge the city ruins and ...

Nether Adds Motorcycles, Team Formations and A New Objective

NEWS Phosphor Games Studio has added a new set of features to their first-person urban survival FPS title, Nether. This new update allows players to live out their own motorcycle diaries (but way tougher w...


  • StrykerAngel

    it says free here but at the site it cost money… which is it?

    • Letsdieyoung

      it cost money to get the game but unlike a lot of mmos its not a monthly charayge to pl

  • letsdieyoung

    it cost money to get the game but unlike a lot of mmos its not a monthly charge to play

  • letskillall

    i cant dowload it why?

  • Killerbox

    this sucks i want to download it come on so stupid

  • Gregory Gonzalez

    why dose this suck

  • Terry O’Neil

    Nether Online is NOT free-to-play.

    • violentdawg

      Yes it is, what that means is there’s no monthly charge. Of course you got to buy the game. and as of right now it’s only $15

  • violentdawg

    Is there (or will there be in the future) PVE severs?