Nether – Creature Mode Trailer

Nether introduces crafting, trading and a new creature mode for players to terrorize the streets as their own nether monster.

Nether Motorcycle Trailer

Phosphor continues pushing Nether Online closer to launch state and this week they reveal a speedy new motorcycle mount.

Nether Live Action Trailer

Pre-order Nether now to reserve access for you and a 72 hour pass for a friend in time for Halloween!
  • StrykerAngel

    it says free here but at the site it cost money… which is it?

    • Letsdieyoung

      it cost money to get the game but unlike a lot of mmos its not a monthly charayge to pl

  • letsdieyoung

    it cost money to get the game but unlike a lot of mmos its not a monthly charge to play

  • letskillall

    i cant dowload it why?

  • Killerbox

    this sucks i want to download it come on so stupid

  • Gregory Gonzalez

    why dose this suck

  • Terry O’Neil

    Nether Online is NOT free-to-play.

    • violentdawg

      Yes it is, what that means is there’s no monthly charge. Of course you got to buy the game. and as of right now it’s only $15

  • violentdawg

    Is there (or will there be in the future) PVE severs?

  • harry tucker

    I have the game downloaded to steam, now it wants you to register but when I fill out all the information it wont accept it, why the game is nether, also why does it have all these warnings at the official website, is the site legal or not or does it even work