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Neverland Online is a free-to-play 2D fantasy MMORPG set in a mythical ancient Chinese world. In the role of Ranger, Assassin, Elementalist, or Taoist, you will venture beyond Moon Town, at times collaborating with other players, to defeat the Demon Army and protect world peace as you work toward finding the secret to immortality.

Over 200 million pieces of game equipment and a variety of pets are available to assist you in battle.

Neverland online can be played online (browser-based) or downloaded (Windows client) for a more complete game experience.

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  • Jah Kevs

    please give me a link this game . .

  • Osamuraisan

    last time that I played this was 2011 and I think this game doesn’t exist any longer

  • JBean209

    It moved to china. So its not in NA anymore. Spent so muc money on this game sigh

    • Toshio

      hey bro

  • Farid Blaster
    • Toshio

      AuraBlaster, remember me? :)

  • Tohka

    I used to play this game. and stopped playing it. aaand now i remembered it at last. but i think this game is now closed. so sad. I loved this game :/