Summer Blessing in Neverland Online


New Holy Beast, a flying fairy-like pet, Nightmoon Elf is released. With the max intelligence of 8150, needless to say, Nightmoon Elf is one of the most powerful magical pet ever, and probably one of the cutest. Moreover, this pet is endowed with exclusive skills of restoring HP for single or group teammates; it is indeed a very useful pet when players are in Team VS Team PK. And the healing power is the best in the game so far. It also has attacking skill to deal damage to as many as 6 enemies. It is really a fantastic pet.

Neverland Online Review: An Undercover MMO


Browser based games are definitely taking it to the next level. From text-based adventures, to interactive Diner Dash remakes, the line between application games and browser based ones is starting to vanish. Neverland Online is perhaps the most impressive Browser based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) I've ever seen. Maybe cause' it plays exactly like an actual application game which used to be an unreachable goal for last gen's browser games. Much like your average MMO, you log in, take quests, adventure and meet people in a persistent fantasy world. Believe me when I say that I have never seen anything like this in my mundane life. What we have right here serves as a fine example of what browser based games may achieve in the future. Not convinced? Let's dive in and see! OFF TO NEVERLAND!

Neverland Online: Introducing Guild Hall System


OPI Games has introduced a new Guild Hall System in Neverland Online. Guilds bond players together and create a virtual family. Players can now build their own guild hall by completing quests. Here players can communicate with and befriend other guildies.

Neverland Online Easter Spree


OPI Games has released their plan for celebrating both Easter and the launch of Neverland Online's New Version, officially named "Divine Mounts" by the user-base. Here is a list of events which players can participate during the Easter Holiday.

Neverland Online Announces New Version


OPI Games announced the new version of Neverland Online is coming around the end of March. The new version will add a major content update such as mount system, new maps, new instances, and much more.

  • Jah Kevs

    please give me a link this game . .

  • Osamuraisan

    last time that I played this was 2011 and I think this game doesn’t exist any longer

  • JBean209

    It moved to china. So its not in NA anymore. Spent so muc money on this game sigh

    • Toshio

      hey bro

  • Farid Blaster
    • Toshio

      AuraBlaster, remember me? 🙂

  • Tohka

    I used to play this game. and stopped playing it. aaand now i remembered it at last. but i think this game is now closed. so sad. I loved this game :/

  • xllAriesllx

    I used to play this game, and even followed it when it moved to china but now its closed and im sad ;-; it was so fun too