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  • Jah Kevs

    please give me a link this game . .

  • Osamuraisan

    last time that I played this was 2011 and I think this game doesn’t exist any longer

  • JBean209

    It moved to china. So its not in NA anymore. Spent so muc money on this game sigh

    • Toshio

      hey bro

  • Farid Blaster
    • Toshio

      AuraBlaster, remember me? 🙂

  • Tohka

    I used to play this game. and stopped playing it. aaand now i remembered it at last. but i think this game is now closed. so sad. I loved this game :/

  • xllAriesllx

    I used to play this game, and even followed it when it moved to china but now its closed and im sad ;-; it was so fun too