Ninja Trick Interview: Looking Into The Ninja Scene


First of all, I would like to thank you to all the customers / players that been supporting NinjaTrick over a year.  It was our first title in United State and there was lot of challenges and trials. We have learned a lot from players opinions and we want to keep growing  it with our players.

Ninja Trick Review: A simple game with limitless potential


Ninja Trick is not just your average Facebook game; it is much more. Ninja Trick is already a very elaborate game in its early beta stages, but there are also some proficient updates planned for the future-neat stuff that is sure to tingle your casual gaming instincts! 

  • Tiffany


  • fuckuifninjatricknotcomeback

    need ninjatrick back motherfuckers

  • Sam

    Its 2013 and almost to 2014 , i still miss Ninjatrick! My bros miss them too xP i want it back !

  • chizgallokz

    hoy iule kay kapoy au palevel

  • Bokunopico

    Why did it even close?;-; ffs

    • gamefan101

      idk if this is true but apparently some guy spent loads of money on the game and got banned for idk what but he ended up suing the company and they shut it down.

      • Dupy

        It was uhh, Captain Kenpachi, I remember the name because he was always a dick and had shit tons of things bought, he got banned for using multiple accounts and getting higher in rankings.

    • Caleb

      I also heard they got sued over copy right infringement because some of the gotchas in Comic World were copied from different anime shows without the consent of the owners. I remember there were masks, swords, and robes from the show Bleach at one point. I don’t know which one is true or it may even be both. I really just want them to bring it back, I loved both Ninja Trick and Comic World and they said that it was only going to be gone for a year but that was said when it shutdown which was in like 2011 or 2012. It’s 2015, unfortunately I don’t think it’s coming back.

  • JustSomeGuy

    Come on!! Bring Ninja Trick back!

  • lasdreo

    any ideas if it will be back!!

  • Paul

    Bring it back. I’ll invite all my friends to play it.

  • joe

    miss this shit bring it back id donate in a second idk why you ever sold youd have thousands off this game …

  • Florence

    Bring it back the Ninja Trick Please!! Its 2014 and 2 more months it will be 2015 :(( Please, bring it back.. I will invite my 4k friends to play that Ninja Trick :(( Pleaseeeeee

  • The Ghost King 410


  • Punkass420

    This was such a great game. It’s a shame they took it off Facebook. This game really stood out from all the generic crap that facebook pumps out.

    • Manny DosSantos

      Why dnot people just try to remake the game. It should be that hard.

      • Manny DosSantos

        Shouldn’t *

  • Farah Farisha

    will it really come back? im like missing it so much T^T

  • Evan Lambert Cavell

    hmm, hey slut, can u.. uh … BRING MY FUCKING FAVOURITE GAME??/?

  • Paul

    Bring the game back!

  • Paul

    This game has an average user rating of 90% but you guys decide to freaking close it . Could’ve earned a lot of money and you also kind of messed with our money cuz we wasted our money for this game and you just close the game. Didn’t even give us a refund. We got some coins in Pico but no one likes that game.

  • kat

    bring it back plss ! πŸ™ it almost 5yrs πŸ™


    this discussion may be closed but i want it to comeback

  • Paul

    Bring back ninjatrick!

  • Paul

    There are still some loyal players!

  • khai

    its 2016 & im still waiting for it to be back.
    i know im not the only one still waiting πŸ™

    • Test

      Yep, still waiting for the comeback. Almost forgot the name of this game. LOL

  • SebUwU

    This is dead πŸ™

  • OG Ninja Trickster

    Bump. September 5, 2017. Still hoping for this game to come back.