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Nioh is an incredibly fast paced action role playing game from the same creators of Ninja Gaiden, expect difficult but satisfying combat and enough blood to fill a blood bank, available for the PlayStation 4.


Blood Pumping Action: Soak in the rivers of red while slashing through enemies like demons, ogres, and ninjas.

Tools of the Trade: Cut through the horde with swords, axes, bows, and much more.

Summons: Get a little help from your friends to decimate the opposition.

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Game Videos

  • Nioh TGS 2016 Trailer!

    Kou Shibusawa and Team Ninja work together to create Nioh, where a battered and weary golden-haired samurai tackles the most vile of creatures.

  • Nioh Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

    Beta demo of epic boss fights, crazy summons, and samurai versus monster action as Nioh approaches launch.

  • Nioh E3 Trailer

    Nioh, in addition to having a new trailer, also has a new demo coming!  It won't drop til August, but enjoy this in the meantime!

Game Articles

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