Otherland Online

Otherland Online is an MMO published by Gamigo and based upon a Cyberpunk book series by Tad Williams. It takes place in the 22nd century in which everyday life on Earth has become almost fully integrated into a virtual world.

Though little information has been released yet. Otherland Online seems to focus on a series of virtual worlds in which players can enter depending on what they feel like doing that day. From a medieval feudal world to a futuristic Vegas-esque city to a cultivated Martian landscape, much seems possible in Otherland.

A feature known as eDNA also exists in this game. eDNA seems to be the equivalent of MP and crafting materials mixed into one and can be obtained both by farming it from substances or taking it by force in PvP. You can almost infer from the initial game footage that this material is used to customize your character's appearance and weapons.

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Game Videos

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