Otherland Coming To Early Access on Steam August 26

NEWS DRAGO Entertainment is proud to announce that the highly anticipated Unreal-powered Client Action MMORPG, Otherland will be available on Steam on August 26, 2015. Following more than six years of deve...

Otherland Introduces ClanLand and More

NEWS   Dedicated worlds for Clans, significant performance optimization on low-end hardware and a major overhaul of skills and abilities are the latest improvements developer DRAGO Entertainment has i...

Otherland Starts Second CBT with new eDNA-System

NEWS Since the last CBT, developer DRAGO has added a lot of new content to this Unreal 3-based non-targeting MMORPG including 200 new quests and beautiful cut-scenes waiting to be discovered by the beta te...
  • ladariustarock

    everybody this game is of the chain

  • ladariustarock

    forget you guys that don’t like it.

  • T4b

    Does this game still exist? Or did it ever officially launch?

  • Hâi Lûo Lín-pán

    i have the key..I registered beta key and ‘m not getting anything…