Otherland Review – MMOCeption?

REVIEW By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF), OnRPG Journalist Otherland is an action MMORPG based on a series of novels with the same name. As you might imagine, coming from such a lore-rich background, the game has a...

Otherland Halloween Events Kick Off

ARTICLE Horror fans and costume fanatics: It’s time! Otherland‘s Halloween event starts tomorrow and adds new quests, costumes and pumpkins. An exciting chase for these pumpkins will lead to a tot...

Otherland Gets 120 Additional Quests

ARTICLE The huge universe of DRAGO Entertainment’s action-MMORPG Otherland keeps growing. The developers have been hard at work expanding the storyline of 8 Squared with more than 120 new quests, giving...

Otherland Coming To Early Access on Steam August 26

ARTICLE DRAGO Entertainment is proud to announce that the highly anticipated Unreal-powered Client Action MMORPG, Otherland will be available on Steam on August 26, 2015. Following more than six years of deve...
  • ladariustarock

    everybody this game is of the chain

  • ladariustarock

    forget you guys that don’t like it.

  • T4b

    Does this game still exist? Or did it ever officially launch?

  • Hâi Lûo Lín-pán

    i have the key..I registered beta key and ‘m not getting anything…