Otherland Introduces ClanLand and More

NEWS   Dedicated worlds for Clans, significant performance optimization on low-end hardware and a major overhaul of skills and abilities are the latest improvements developer DRAGO Entertainment has i...

Otherland Starts Second CBT with new eDNA-System

NEWS Since the last CBT, developer DRAGO has added a lot of new content to this Unreal 3-based non-targeting MMORPG including 200 new quests and beautiful cut-scenes waiting to be discovered by the beta te...
  • ladariustarock

    everybody this game is of the chain

  • ladariustarock

    forget you guys that don’t like it.

  • T4b

    Does this game still exist? Or did it ever officially launch?

  • Hâi Lûo Lín-pán

    i have the key..I registered beta key and ‘m not getting anything…