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Title Genre User Rating  
Regnum OnlineFantasy90%Official Site
Mo Siang OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
Unforgiven WarStrategy50%Official Site
Neo Steam EuropeFantasy80%Official Site
Apocalypse Board OnlineFantasy70%Official Site
Kicks Online InternationalSports90%Official Site
Plain SightSci-Fi80%Official Site
Pirate GalaxySci-Fi80%Official Site
Corum OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
Muniz OnlineFantasy70%Official Site
HolyBeast OnlineFantasy90%Official Site
Kingdom Under Fire II
Game Thumbnail
Strategy89%Official Site
Warrior LegendsStrategy70%Official Site
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Celestial DestroyerFantasy80%Official Site
Face of Mankind
Game Thumbnail
Sci-Fi90%Official Site
Alien Adoption Agency
Game Thumbnail
Sci-Fi70%Official Site
Racing Star: Come On BabyRacing90%Official Site
Kickster EuropeSports70%Official Site
zOmgFantasy100%Official Site
Manager ManiaSports77%Official Site
Wind SlayerFantasy80%Official Site
Turf BattlesFantasy90%Official Site
KaosWarSci-Fi80%Official Site
Luna Online SingaporeFantasy90%Official Site
FusionFallFantasy81%Official Site
Ragnarok Online International
Game Thumbnail
2.5D/2D Fantasy80%Official Site
Mortal Online
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
Shaiya Singapore & MalaysiaFantasy80%Official Site
Dragonica EuropeFantasy90%Official Site
Gilfor’s TalesFantasy70%Official Site
Combat Arms
Game Thumbnail
Shooter80%Official Site
RakionFantasy90%Official Site
OgameSci-Fi17%Official Site
HattrickSports90%Official Site
DC Universe Online
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy89%Official Site
MytheonFantasy80%Official Site
Football Manager LiveSports81%Official Site
Gunz Online US versionShooter90%Official Site
Soldier Front
Game Thumbnail
Shooter90%Official Site
Gunbound Revolution US versionFantasy90%Official Site
BattleForgeStrategy90%Official Site
Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Shot Online EuropeSports80%Official Site
Smash Online EuropeSports80%Official Site
Deco OnlineFantasy90%Official Site
Fiesta Online Europe
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Free RealmsFantasy70%Official Site
Perfect World EuropeFantasy90%Official Site
Football SuperstarsSports90%Official Site
Operation 7
Game Thumbnail
Shooter90%Official Site
EarthriseSci-Fi80%Official Site
Legend of AresFantasy90%Official Site
Asheron’s CallFantasy70%Official Site
ACE Online
Game Thumbnail
N/A90%Official Site
7Million Online
Game Thumbnail
Other69%Official Site
Splash Fighters InternationalFighting80%Official Site
Lineage II
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Aurora BladeFantasy50%Official Site
Wolfteam LatinoShooter80%Official Site
Q-WorldFantasy80%Official Site
Wolfteam InternationalShooter90%Official Site
NexusTKFantasy81%Official Site
Lunia US versionFantasy90%Official Site
Highstreet 53D Music/Dancing90%Official Site
Gladius 2Fantasy80%Official Site
Voyage Century BrazilFantasy80%Official Site
Freaky CreaturesFantasy60%Official Site
Masters of BelialFantasy80%Official Site
Banish LandStrategy70%Official Site
Twin SkiesFantasy60%Official Site
Jumpgate EvolutionSci-Fi80%Official Site
SagaStrategy40%Official Site
Destiny OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
Power SoccerSports80%Official Site
ManagerZoneSports80%Official Site
My Football SimSports60%Official Site
PanfuFantasy70%Official Site
DuelsFantasy80%Official Site
StoneAge 2Fantasy80%Official Site
Chaos OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
Runescape 3
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy80%Official Site
Myth War IIFantasy80%Official Site
Lords of EvilFantasy80%Official Site
Prison StruggleStrategy70%Official Site
Space InvasionSci-Fi70%Official Site
Soccer ManagerSports70%Official Site
Hockey ManagerSports59%Official Site
Socio TownFantasy80%Official Site
F1 ManagerRacing80%Official Site
Project PowderSports89%Official Site
Mafia 1930Strategy80%Official Site
X-blasterSci-Fi60%Official Site
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
Beyond ProtocolStrategy80%Official Site
The ContinuumFantasy80%Official Site
Ghost OnlineFantasy80%Official Site
Fantasy TennisSports90%Official Site
Audition Dance Battle Europe3D Music/Dancing80%Official Site
Granado Espada
Game Thumbnail
Fantasy90%Official Site
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