Pangya United: Golf with Style


Pangya is one of the few games that try to make golf a lot more fun than it really is. Not only is it anime themed, there is also a lot more features and content to make the game feel advanced.

Pangya Golf Turns Two, Annouces Tournament


"Pangya has been one of our fastest-growing games." said Chris Lee, SG Interactive CEO. "It's hard to believe it's already been two years since we introduced it to US players."

PANGYA Review: Taking the Game of Golf to a Whole New Level!


I have to admit that I was not enthusiastic at first to review Pangya, the game revolved around golf. I never took interest in the sport. To be honest I always watched it in order to help me get to sleep (when the Nyquil was not kicking in), or just to see Tiger Woods outshine the other players. Pangya suddenly opened up a completely new world and reintroduced me to the game of golf with open arms, quirky anime characters, and tons of fun gameplay!