Features for Pardus Newcomers


Pardus is a real-time graphical game set in a futuristic universe that can be played right from the browser. It features dozens of maneuverable ships as well as a sophisticated production tree with a multitude of possible buildings and commodities. Its unique "Action Points" system allows players with limited time online to be just as competitive as players that have unlimited time online.

Pardus Review: Space is the Final Frontier


Pardus is a graphics-based browser online game that puts you in the seat of a space pilot making his way in Space. Your goal is to eventually get to the point where you are now piloting the biggest ships and being the biggest name in the known Pardus Universe.

Pardus News

ARTICLE The first of the Pardus summer updates is released: NPC crew members and the Gap Cluster.

Universe Expansion

ARTICLE Today, after months of anticipation, the secret "Aperture" event has been unveiled - all universes have been expanded by four clusters containing nearly 100 new sectors. This enlargement of the universe by roughly 30% opens new grounds for starting players as well as many opportunities for alliances