Pathfinder Adventures

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    Obsidian Entertainment

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Pathfinder Adventures is a free-to-play mobile fantasy card game developed by Obsidian Entertainment for iOS and Android. In Pathfinder Adventures players can cooperatively battle monsters and villains in a unique, digital adaptation of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game that re-imagines the amazing world you've already gotten the chance to know and fleshes it out in new ways that cards aren't completely able to do. If you loved the original game, then you're sure to enjoy this digital version and it's pass-and-play multiplayer that will have you and your allies eagerly awaiting your next exciting campaign!


Character Development: Characters will each be of a specific class like fighter, wizard, and rogue and have stats like strength, intelligence, and dexterity that will affect their combat effectiveness.

Gorgeous Locations: Every locale from the original card game has been completely re-imagined from mere card images to beautiful backdrops that will set the stage for your great adventures!

Hassle-free: Take full pleasure in not having to deal with the in-depth setup that the original game requires. Systems and rules are automatically tracked to ensure a much more seamless experience.

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    The long wait is over, friends! Pathfinder Adventures is now available on PC!

  • Pathfinder Adventures Release Trailer

    The official release trailer for Pathfinder Adventures, the mobile digital adaptation of the original Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

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