• Pi Story
  • Pi Story is a 2.5D isometric fantasy MMORPG with cute anime graphics.


    In the days where nothing existed in the great abyss, the gods created a giant egg. From the egg came forth a new world filled with humans and a multitude of small spirits and demi- gods which ruled this world. This great egg and the origin of all birth was called ‘Pi.’

    The Human race was protected from the dangers of the outside world, and a seemingly endless peace existed in the air.

    Many, many years passed. Through birth and rebirth, humans began to grow in size and numbers. Once the world had seemed so large, but now there was not enough room for everyone, or so it seemed. The land was divided into countless territories that arose from the constant bickering and disagreement, and even the demi-gods began to fight amongst themselves for power.

    Strong as it was, Pi was no match for all the negativity and violence that it contained, and the egg shattered into many pieces. Its destruction led to a scattering of the human race, and a world of chaos and confusion emerged, a world where even time, space, and dimension were not in harmony.

    Although the gods regretted their actions, it was too little too late. The great gods could not piece the world back together. They sent forth their apostles Edda and Eddain in search of the one person who could unite the broken pieces of Pi.

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  • Genre:  Fantasy
  • Pi Story Review: Instanced Goodness
  • Pi Story is a cutesy anime-ish Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that shares the same concept as Secret of Mana and Lunia. Unlike most MMOs, Pi Story’s combat is completely instanced. This means that every player will have to go through each level on their own.

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  • Darkness has Invaded Pi Story in Content Update
  • Pi Story has been invaded by darkness, starting today all of the towns in Pi Story will exhibit the darker side of Pi and with numerous monster NPC's roaming around town.
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  • Pi Story Second Closed Beta Test Announcement
  • Seoul, Korea - November 2, 2007 - South Korean developer NCONY Enterprise announced today that the second closed beta for Pi Story , its 2D side scrolling anime action game, is now over. Game servers are now closed to
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  • Katt Brooks

    I know that a lot of people from Pi Story want the game to come back online. If there is any way at all for this to happen, please let us know….

  • Katt Brooks

    Loved this game. Wish that it would come back online. I know a lot of other players who want this game to come back.