Picaroon Announces Nation’s Challenge 4 Week Event


In the Nation's Challenge, players are allowed to use the new alliance system to team up with other players from their real world home country. In this World War, players will be forced to recruit others from the real world to bolster their numbers beyond those of their enemy nations to achieve total victory.

Picaroon Interview – RTS Meets MMO


Picaroon is a brand new MMORTS that prides itself on mixing time-based rounds based on player preference, such as rounds being able to last anywhere from 90 minutes to four weeks. Today, I got the chance to sit down with Paul Baker of Nice Technology to discuss Picaroon.

Picaroon – The Age of Online Empires


Picaroon isn't your average strategy game. Mixing traditional base building and resource gathering with competitive multiplayer, quests and trade, Picaroon is a feature packed merger of all your favourite RTS mechanics.

  • Liz S