Planetside 1: Farewell to Arms

ARTICLE I learned a few absolutely fascinating things today.  The first being that Planetside 1, a PC First Person Shooter, was a lot older than I had thought. 2003? Really? And it’s just now going awa...

Original PlanetSide Now Free to Play

ARTICLE As Sony Online Entertainment pushes its new All Access Pass program today, fans of the original PlanetSide can now download and play the game for free. The game’s server, Gemini, is now live for...

Sony Online Strongly “Hints” Planetside Sequel Coming This Spring


The Escapist snagged a exclusive last night by having a chat with John Smedley of Sony Online Entertainment. For the first time we are hearing word of a release date and it has given all of us at OnRPG a huge sign of hope that the once great three faction MMOFPS will make a shining return to glory.