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  • abir

    I hate this game punk

  • abir


  • beast105

    yup its a scam
    i figured it out

  • alakazam

    i try to log in but it keeps saying i have invalid info. can someone explain?

  • dawson

    who wants to battle

  • I love eevee TO MUCH

    is this really a scam or is it a ling to the original site?

  • Sneider Gil

    I can’t open the game. I downoladed an update, and when I open the game, everything is black, what’s wrong?

  • reed

    same here I cant open it either?

  • Dallas

    i cant download; parents say no

  • cooolguy55

    i can play it when i download it

  • FonZ420

    fun game, you can easily have months of fun without ever paying cash! My FREE deck wins around 60% of the Ranked games 😀 (smart token spending) but in the end, you miss out a lot if you never pay :/ so i would suggest having friends that collect and dont play, or buy card codes only, so no packs, for around $0,80 each, or in bulks for like $60 for 250 or so.

  • mystery

    This is a scam if you want to download the game and actually play it go to the official pokemon site and download it from there

  • oliv090d

    hej jeg kan ikke spille pokemon

  • my name is awsome

    Thanks everyone. I almost tryed joining.

  • Anghus

    How do you enter the game???

  • Hammid Nawaz

    how do you download stuff do you need a harddrive and a pc

  • wassim


  • faiyaz

    hw to play in windows xp sp2?

  • charzardchloe


  • sex