Pokken Tournament

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Pokken Tournament is a Pokemon themed fighting game for both the hardcore and more casual audiences. Pick your champion from a diverse roster and prove to the world you're the ultimate Pokemon Master! Available for Wii U.

Flexible: Juggle 2D and 3D fighting phases to overcome your opponent.

We're Here to Help!: Take along a few assist characters, like Cubone and Diglett, to support you in battle.

I Choose you: Head to the stadium with Pokemon like Shadow Mewtwo, Charizard, Darkrai, Suicune, Pikachu, Blaziken, and so much more.

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Game Videos

  • Pokken Tournament DX: Get Ready to Fight

    Pokémon bursts onto Nintendo Switch for the first time with Pokkén Tournament DX! New Pokemon, new moves, and a new platform for the action!

  • Pokken Tournament Trailer

    Show the world your skills as a Pokemon Master!

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  • Abhinav123

    Nice game

  • Abhinav123

    Nice graphics

  • Abhinav123

    Nice graphics