PAX South Day 1 Recap: PoxNora, Gigantic, and Cabal II

FEATURE By Jaime Skelton (MissyS) and Andrew Skelton   The first day of a convention is always exciting, but the first day of a first time convention is even more so. Even though PAX has been going on st...

SOE Transfers Pox Nora to Desert Owl Games

NEWS Rather than closing the game, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) has found a new home for the strategy game Pox Nora with Desert Owl Games, an indie studio founded by two of the three original creato...

Pox Nora Review: Successful Hybrid Game


Pox Nora is a hybrid MMO game that mixes the elements of strategy games, level up MMOs, and surprisingly, trading card games and miniature gaming. It's a very weird combination for a video game if you to ask me, at least until I played the game. Mac user? No problem! Yes, Pox Nora can be played on both the PC and Mac. If you still have problems running the client, you can always play the game through your web browser. The game is turn based, much like the old Magic: The Gathering game for the PlayStation 1, where players must summon mythical creatures and powerful spells called runes in order to best their opponents in battle.