Project Powder Review: Be Like a Pro


One of the best things in today's games is that you can become whoever you want to be. If you can't play real guitars yet you itch to be a musician just for a few minutes you have rhythm games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Sports are no exception. You have online basketball, baseball and even soccer games out on the market. Now there's Project Powder.

Project Powder Preview: Realistic Snowboarding


PP aims to provide an alternative to going outside, getting out your snowboard and ridding down massive hills, with its “realistic” and captivating approach to the sport of snowboarding.

Project Powder Interview


Onrpg: Project Powder is currently in closed beta. What are the positive and negative aspects of it so far?

GM Murdock: We’re getting a lot of great feedback from many different game communities, and a lot of new users are checking out Outspark for the first time thanks to Project Powder. We’ve run into some hurdles, but it’s expected in a closed beta. Outspark has been working day and night to fix any bugs and connection issues we encounter, and have addressed many issues thanks to the help of our beta testers.

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