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  • Developer:
    Skydance Interactive

  • Genres:
    Shooter, MOBA

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PWND is a 3D MOBA shooter developed by Skydance Interactive for PC and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. PWND takes place in a dystopian future that looks like 1980s culture took hold and never left. Reliving the "decade of excess" multiple times over in an arms race full of high-octane, consumer-driven hyper masculinity, and you get to be part of it! The world is looking to crown the ultimate badass, but will it be you?


Pwning: Down your opponents and pwn them into submission with humiliating victory dances. They will never outlive such embarrassment!

Ressurection: LAZER-US Resurrection Pods were just invented so you're free to try and get revenge on your enemies as many times as you'd like!

Entertaining Characters: Every character feels unique, comes with their own unique skills, and looks absolutely hilarious when pwning their foes!

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