Quantum Rush

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    GameArt Studio

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    In Development

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Quantum Rush is a free-to-play online racing game with a focus on combat, speed, and customization. Players start off an early tier with the ability to research new technology for their racer and customize their ride in areas including speed, handling, acceleration, shields, armor, energy, and heat. Then hop on the track for intense multi-player action featuring up to twenty racers on tracks that have loops, drops, tubes, and more!

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Game Videos

  • Quantum Rush Mountain Track: Deuterium Rally

    Deuterium Rally is a mountain track available for tiers 3-9, and emphasizes extreme drops and pick-ups....

  • Quantum Rush Volcano Track: Chthonic Crater

    Chthonic Crater begins at the base of a volcano, and lets racers move through lava-filled tunnels and caves on their path to the peak....

  • Quantum Rush: Selenit Tunnel Trailer

    Narrow tunnels, twists, and turns await players in this new tier 1 through 7 race track....

Game Articles

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  • Quantum Rush Champions: Now Available on Steam

    The developer team from Berlin, Germany recently announced that an Early Access version of the racer would soon be published. As by today the game can...

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