Rage 2

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    Id Software

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    Shooter, Sci-Fi

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Rage 2 is the upcoming dystopic first person shooter from the combined studios of id Software (Doom, Wolf 3D) and Avalanche Games (Just Cause franchise). Two powerhouse developers coming together to offer an open world FPS experience unlike any other.

More fun than an Andrew C.K. concert at a press conference!


Upgradeable Guns: Find and upgrade a wide array of weapons that put holes in the bad guys.

Vroom!: If you can see it, you can drive it. Buggies, trucks and even gyrocopters are at your disposal.

Nanotrites: Unleash powerful abilities to overcome and crush your foes.

Open-World: Seamlessly traverse the wasteland, from desert to swamps, in pursuit of The Authority.

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Game Videos

  • RAGE 2 – Insanity Never Ends

    RAGE 2 has another major update on 7/25/2019, and with it come new modes, a new difficulty level and tons more. Ozzy Man Reviews has a breakdown of the new

  • RAGE 2 – Official E3 2019 Trailer

    RAGE 2 has a ton of content coming soon - a pilotable mech, giant sandworms, new cheats, game modes, and more. It's on the way in the "Rise of the Ghosts"

  • Rage 2: Open World Trailer

    It's not enough to read that Rage 2's open world is insane and violent. It has to be seen to believed, and that's exactly what they show off today.

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