RAID: Shadow Legends

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    Strategy, Free To Play, Fantasy

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Build your team from the fiercest heroes of the age in RAID: Shadow Legends, an RPGacha game from Plarium. Available on Android and iOS mobile devices, and soon on the desktop via the Plarium Play app.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes - Gachapon style loot box and other convenience based expenditures.

Key Features:

Races: A wide variety of races from elves to undead, and from orks to humans.

Classes: Holy Trinity: Fighter, Damage, and Support/Healer

Over 300!!!!: Characters for you to collect. Build your team with your strongest heroes.

Story Campaign: A story campaign that will keep you busy for ages to come.

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  • RAID: Shadow Legends Teaser Trailer

    In Raid: Shadow Legends, players collect a team of powerful heroes and battle in a dark fantasy world RPG. Available for iOS and Android Mobile Devices, an

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    we need alot of the demon girls and alot of the human women i play the game and love it lol but what am i saying most of the women need to be extracted thats for sure there all great designs any chance u can get out Alure & Hellgazer ?


    One thing we can all agree on is that the developers and designers over at Plarium have made some absolutely INCREDIBLE looking Champions for this game. The amount of detail and degree of artistry is nothing short of awesome. And, let’s face it, they’ve also done an amazing job with female Champions looking fierce, strong, and totally hot. Although it’s subjective, and we’re sure there will be some differences in opinion, take a look at our Top 10 Best Looking Female Champions in Raid Shadow Legends!

    #1. Whisper (Knight Revenant)

    Whisper was introduced not so long ago and immediately caught our eyes with her awesome style. I mean just look at the purple hair, matching lipstick, and that white skin-tight body-suit covered with badass armor. Complete with dual swords and knee-high armored boots, Whisper is a perfect 10/10 in looks. Unfortunately she’s a 3★ Champ at the moment, so we don’t get to see her as much as we’d like.