Rappelz: Masquerade Expansion Now Available

INTERVIEW WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of online games, announces the release of Rappelz newest expansion, “Epic 9.1: Masquerade” on European and American markets. The expansion, named by the Ra...

Rappelz – Public Test Server Goes Live

NEWS Webzen has just announced the opening of the Public Test Server for the Prelude, an upcoming expansion for Rappelz. Starting today, every Rappelz player will be able to access the global Public Test S...

Rappelz Launches Epic VIII: Onslaught


Tame new monsters and awaken the best gear with Onslaught, the latest update for the classic MMORPG Rappelz. Epic VIII: Onslaught brings in a new Battle Arena, five elite field bosses to tame, a tremendous new system to improve gear, and much more!