Rappelz Celebrates 5 Years of Gaming


Over the past six weeks, Rappelz players in North America have received experience boosts, stat buffs, and drop events in a countdown to the biggest milestone in the history of this beloved MMORPG: its 5 Year Anniversary.

Rappelz Epic 7: Awakening – New Features & Creature Enhancements


Rappelz is known for its rich and in-depth pet system, featuring a massive variety of pets with different appearances, skills, and combat abilities.  Once a user tames a wild creature, they can raise it through three distinct evolutions and use their pet to fulfill a multitude of support roles ranging from healer to tanker, damage dealer to crowd controller, or even de-buffer!  

Play Rappelz, win cool stuff!


Summer is here! To celebrate, Gpotato is giving away more than $10,000 worth of prizes to their loyal Rappelz players!

Rappelz Interview: Epic VI Solis Aurum Update


What new content can we find in Epic  VI? What is Henry's favorite aspect of the game? What improvements happened that we cannot find on the teaser site?
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