• Shadowmire

    You should take this down, they called off the game 🙁

  • no_name

    too bad :/ i liked this one

  • SpankMire

    wow they did i was actually looking forward on this game and they took it down eh.fukin eh i tink no one could really compete with LoL right now.Please take this down.

  • TheCardmaster

    pls take this down. i actually liked this game ://

  • ryogishiki

    They shouldn’t take this down its really popular in(most popular in china) Indonesia, and Russia. As long as someone sponsors the game it will come over. Currently no one is. This moba has so much potential.

  • rachmat

    how to play this game

  • farix

    i still have the client lol

  • Toastln

    bring this game back plz its way better then LoL

  • yowyow12

    i hope they bring this game back.. i saw some old game play and i see theres some potential on it 😀