• Zydaco0987

    Comment: The game is ruined by one very simple game rule: Rule 7: Inappropriate Content F. No contents of previous Private County Council forums may be reposted.

    Basically, this means players before you who corrupt governments in game in order to preserve their own self-interest cannot be disciplined. Even if you get elected to office and discover evidence of corruption, you are not allowed to present it.

    The game is ruined by ingrained status quo political parties who take advantage of this rule. By doing so, they manipulate markets and laws so their friends remain in power and those they don’t like go away.

  • Mike.Stearns

    This game is a clear cut rip off of Europa 1400 which was released a year earlier. What can you do? You can run a farm, workshop, tavern, church, political office, or bandit camp? What can you do in Europa 1400 (and the sequel, The Guild 2)? Everything there plus much more detail at a much faster pace… and it’s still multiplayer. Furthermore, the game isn’t ruined by players using artistic talent from outside of the game to win by appealing to each other’s emotions. Instead, Europa 1400 (and TG2) use in game mechanics such as rhetoric, charisma, and bargaining to determine who wins.

    Avoid RK at all costs. Pick up Europa 1400 or TG2 instead, and save yourself all the wasted time, energy, and attention as well as the money you’d spend on stupid soldier packs, stealth packs, or “plastic surgery”.

  • StrayF

    If you want to see a long-running game slowly dying on its feet, I urge you to join the tired world of RK. The player-created guidelines are out-of-date and nobody is bothering to rewrite them. The strong sense of community that this game once engendered has been reduced to pockets of stoic and unhelpful players who seem to be holding fast to the game simply because they’ve been playing for years. New players generally don’t bother to return after a week or so.