• rommel

    repulse is the most best fps games for me i love this game and i’m so very enjoy to play this game but i’m so sad because repulse never back.. 🙁 please restore that games….

    • sahal


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  • xDreey

    Please restore that game 🙁 I love Repulse and I’m sad since you removed 🙁

  • Couponbook Gaming

    repulse gameplay on my channel http://www.twitch.tv/couponbook/new

  • TBGleNolife

    I want to play it again ! Restore it 🙁

    • Hắc Phong

      welcome to Repulse Viet Nam


      • TBGleNolife

        Oh *o* I love you x)

      • TaGs

        how do you download it i dont understand a shit

        • Anienne

          Try Phyrok is the new Repulse ^^

        • TBGleNolife

          I don’t understand vietnamian but I managed to play x)

    • Anienne

      Now this game is called Phyrok

      • TBGleNolife

        Oh yes, thank you ! I’ll try !

  • keston grant

    i miss Repulse their are no FPS games like

    Repulse pleas bring it back pleas

    • Anienne

      Play Phyrok.. is the new Repulse

      • Azzix

        cant download, y?

  • TaGs

    restore repulse as soon as possible its the funniest fps game ever

    • Anienne

      Repulse is now Phyrok and you can play it at Texyon Games

  • If you want to play a new version of Repulse you can play the new version called Phyrok in Texyon Games: http://www.texyon.com/es/phyrok/

  • SkylerCZ

    How to download ?

  • Mohamed Rèmchàwi

    How to download Plssssssss


    i miss so much this gam:(

  • SuleDon

    OMG, this game was the greatest thing ever!!!
    Why did they have to take it down.. 🙁

  • BronzeBoive

    Thinking about the good old days playing repulse is very nastolgic…. Sad they cancelled it