Community Spotlight: Hardcore Isn’t Oldschool Part 1


After reading a series of review comments from different sites, and listening to countless rants from RPG, Fighting, and Shooter game enthusiasts, I figured that a lot of players are still not ready to move on to the next generation of gaming. Sure, the graphics are intense and the textures are exquisitely solid, but some gamers still think that nothing gets more hardcore than oldschool gaming. Are games really getting easier by the minute? Does it mean that the future holds nothing more than games with a default "easy mode" difficulty?

The Devolution of MMOs


How I wish MMOs could stay the way it was back then... back then when the genre was growing rapidly, where the only way to go was forward. Sadly, progression stopped, and developers started to lack ideas, or at least the means to enact said ideas. Enclosed is my take on the Evolution and Devolution of MMO gaming. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

RF Online European Game Servers To Close

NEWS It is with much sadness that today we announce our intention to close the European and North American RF Online game servers operated by Codemasters.