RODE Online Prepares for Official Release


Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE), a new fantasy F2P MMORPG from Mgame USA, has today set an official release date of March 9, 2012.

RODE Online to Unleash Final Beta Test This Weekend


Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE), an upcoming free and fully featured MMORPG from Mgame USA, will host its second and final closed beta test February 11 and 12 from 8am to 8pm PST.

RODE Online Announces December Beta Testing and Pizza


Mgame USA is ramping up for its upcoming dragon riding MMORPG, RODE Online. RODE Online takes the feeling of flight to new levels with break neck speed dragon mounts and epic siege battles.


  • Webster164

    If someone makes this game again, don’t make dragons something that takes 20years of real life play time to get. Please