ROSE Online review: Seven Planets, One Hero


R.O.S.E. Online (Rush On Seven Episodes) is a wonderful and thoughtful name for an MMORPG and it seems as if the developers have done more than just creating a good name. ROSE Online was one of the first MMOs with a large number of features and a thoughtful storyline. The gaming community absolutely loved it and ROSE Online was a very successful P2P MMORPG, but things went downhill after a while. MMO companies decided to release free games with a huge scale of features and ROSE Online started to fade away and it eventually became a F2P MMORPG with a decent amount of players but the original game was gone.

ROSE Online: Orlo Launches!


Over 800,000 ROSE Online community members can experience numerous feature updates including new monsters, regions, items, skills, increased level caps and the entirely new planet of Orlo!

ROSE is now free to play!

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Rose Online has been a part of the Gravity family suite of game titles for several years now. We are going to update ROSE's subscription model to attract more users than ever before.