Rumble Fighter Review: Hardcore Fighting Game Parading As a Casual One


Rumble Fighter (RF) is a multiplayer online fighting game available for the PC. It has been around since 2007 and many elements of the game have changed since then. What hasn't changed much is the deep-seated game play mechanic that hardcore fighting game fans can appreciate. While RF is portrayed as a casual fighting game that every gamer and their mother should be able to get the hang of, you can dig deeper into the gameplay and find out there's more to it than meets the eye.

Rumble Fighter Review: Get Ready To Rumble


As the MMO meta grows further, more and more types of game play have been exploited to cater to the wide variety of gamers. Fighting games are no exception when it comes to the revolution of the MMO genre, you'd think they're bound to take every last game type out there. Anyway, Rumble Fighter Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Fighting Game (MMOFG--- errr maybe I just made that up) that uses the isometric bird's eye view system much like any beat em' up fighting games like Bleach (PS2), Powerstone, and Thrill Kill. The only difference is (aside from the whole MMO factor), Rumble Fighter Online lets EIGHT (yes eight) players battle it out in one stage/arena.

  • Fijianthug

    The First 5 screen shots are not even rumble fighter……

  • dio

    rumble fighter has a very bad community and it is pay to win due to the event in this game with astro being on top of cash.

  • kentson

    how to open rumble fighter launcher ,i fail to in the game it let me go website press start game i got log in but it say their service zone no allow play

    • Blank

      Are u in asia? then u cant play it

      • Abdullah Siraj Sumar

        Well i live in Asia, and I can definitely play it, some lags issues
        but yeah it’s fine

  • gillbaby

    are u an idiot they are rumble fighter when was the last time u played 07

  • David

    Can you still use ugc to pay for Astros?

  • Kyoko Sakura

    Man i love this game! XD