VanCanto: Magic Tabora


VanCanto, the resident band of Runes of Magic, presents their latest song: Magic Taborea

  • JVdM

    Unbalanced class system, pvp is broken, new bugs in every patch. Can’t more than complain about this game. The only good thing about this game is the way of making armor and gearing up, also the double class system is pretty unique. But for the rest, not fun to play, the “bridge” between endgame and midgame is broken. Also the game IS NOT free to play. Yes it’s free to download, but if you actually wanna be good (Getting a mount, gearing up and so on) you’d actually have to invest in the game. There were a couple of ways to earn “diamonds’ (the things you buy online to buy a mount ingame). But they took it out of the game. The game used to be fun. until “Gameforge” took the lead.

  • PoEfreak

    I completely agree with you. RoM was good until Gameforge took over.
    Now it’s Pay 2 Win. By far.

  • R

    Frogster rebranded themselves as Gameforge you guys…