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  • rip | wyrmdirt

    (US)DALLAS[Rust in Peace] – PvP-Slprs-1/2Craft-RUST++ Lots of airdrops, active admins, fresh server, need players! One Free Teleport for you if you bring a friend! net.connect

  • jackeycakey

    how do i play

  • jackeycakey

    seriously plz help i dont know how to play

  • bobo107br

    como entra no rust

  • MattSamcro

    U go kill and raid people
    And get airdrops

  • gather man rust

    gather stuff like wood’stone’and food

  • jakey_bax

    how do i get the game????????????????????????????????? ?_?

  • jordan

    can i get the game free?

  • Steven Venter

    Can i play Rust for free?

  • wesley77665

    how do you get the game guys?
    I don’t know ether

  • mustafa

    game i love rust pls

  • tatum

    how do u play

  • foxy

    hi :3

  • foxy

    lllllllooooolllllllll love this game

  • foxy


  • charlie_the_unicorn

    how do I get the game someone plz help!!!!!

  • daniel


  • ransom

    How do sign up for rust Markiplier

  • Robert

    how to get in the game it justs shows me instructions