Rusty Hearts Releases Natasha the Gunslinger


Natasha the gunslinger brings much needed firepower to ranged combat that was previously lacking with the three melee intensive characters currently implemented in the game.

Rusty Hearts Announces Awakening Update


This major addition to the fast-paced beat 'em up game features content that will uncover the history of Curtis Castle and expand the areas in the Cathedral hub world including an increased level cap to level 30.

Rusty Hearts Enters Open Beta


After a successful closed beta testing period, Rusty Hearts is finally live in open beta! Expect a level cap increase, new skills, and harsh new storyline quests.

  • mon

    rusty hearts is not worth the time to play this game because the playerbase has completely falling down a lot by pwe for not listening to the playerfeed back about bug and glitch in the game.