S4 League Review – Does this Shooter Still Have Style?


Back in 2008, Alaplaya graced Europe territories with a futuristic third person shooter that featured stylish team based gameplay and an even more stylish cyber world atmosphere, and it was called S4 League. Created by Pentavision, this third person shooter title was teeming with moderately fast action, style, twists on classic gameplay modes, style, ridiculous fashion and even more style. S4 has seen a lot of changes since its debut and now in 2010, Alaplaya opened its doors for US players to jump in.

S4 League Review


S4 is one of the best casual action games to come across the market in a while.

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    welcom all i have proplm in game s4 when iam open it and me see servers iam done in server english (erpope) put he tell me this faild to connect with game server.(timeout) what this mean ?

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    kenapa game s4 league dari aeria tidak bisa dimainkan di indonesia?