Big News for World’s First Collectible RTS: SAGA


Silverlode Interactive today announced that its flagship game SAGA will be offered completely free as of Tuesday September 14th. Players who register for the game will receive the same fully enabled account that was formerly sold for $19.95 on such sites as Direct-2-Drive. All former paid features such as the ability to form guilds, trade in the auction house and quest with friends will be activated.

Saga Review: Combining RTS and TGC


When I first heard about this game, I was like "What the hell is this?!" An MMORTS? Really? I've seen tons of MMOs and tons of RTSes but to put them both together as one whole package does seem a little off. First of all, these two types of games barely have anything in common other than the unit population. Upon installing the game, I was anxious about what to expect, either it'd be close to DotA (Defense of The Ancients) or not.