SAO’s Legend

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    2D Fantasy, Free To Play

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SAO's Legend is a browser-based MMORPG created by Raycreator Inc. Based on the popular anime series, players can venture through and enjoy several Sword Art Online events.


Classic Classes: Choose between one of four traditional MMORPG classes including Swordsman, Knight, Ranger and Priest

Gear Up: Power up your character in multiple ways such as polishing equipment, fortifying equipment and using gemstones.

Mount Up Collect several different mounts and travel around the world of SAO in style.

Meet up: Enjoy social features including friends lists, guilds, and even dating.

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  • Giang Vo

    ooh god, dont even try this game. unless you have like 2Millions bucks to drop into it

  • OneMyLove

    Игра которая заставляет вспомнить этот сказанный мир SAO’s Legend , еще не встречал игры лучше 🙂

  • Grace Maslen

    What happened the website doesn’t work anymore?!

    • Sara_C_04

      That’s what I wonder, I’ve been trying to access the game for months 🙁

      • Alice Fuentes

        Flash player was shut down months ago and the game functioned off of flash player so it died as well sadly

        • Sara_C_04

          :0 que sad 🙁
          Pero debería abrir con html5 :/

  • lyalll123

    what!! i can’t leave without this game!!!