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Scalebound is a fantasy action game created by PlatinumGames. Directed by world-renowned game designer Hideki Kamiya, players can embark on a dangerous journey into a fantasy world alongside friends, as well as a giant scared dragon.


Fast, stylish action: Experience the high-speed, stylish combat action you’ve come to expect from PlatinumGames, but with new twists including a giant dragon to command in battle and ranged combat that rewards good accuracy.

Online co-op: Adventure on your own, or join forces with other players and their dragons to tackle various challenges.

Big battles: Scalebound features some of the biggest and baldest boss monsters that PlatinumGames have ever created.

Customization: Customize your hero and your dragon to best fit each battle situation.

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    Could it really be coming? Scalebound combines action, giant monsters, dragons, and teamwork into one intense, epic game.

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