• mehhhh

    Played to lv 15 . worst mmo i ever played … holy carp

  • Toon

    I played this game and it is nothing special. Once the novelty of tits bouncing around is over, this game will go down real fast. I noticed after a week that it was already slowing down pretty fast.

    • Chris Johnson

      Yeah I bet the game isn’t the only thing that went down fast. Try to control yourself next time and maybe it will LAST longer. He he.

  • tutito

    stay away from aeriagames, poor service, bad servers and greedy company, pay to win games.

    • jada

      totally agree with tuito.. horrible game company..

      • guesswho

        It’s like robbery I know. But their only allowed to do it because gamers over here tolerate game companies doing whatever they want. Out of own stupidity mostly.

    • guesswho

      Why do the Koreans ALWAYS end up giving their games to greed-filled American companies. I don’t get it. In Korea you can praticually do anything u want in the game and the prices are reasonable. In America they really don’t give u shit, overcharge and restrict one way or another.
      For God’s sake just make these mmo’s 18+ and stop taking advantage of gamers who want to see some content in their games for once!

  • REInnocent


  • guesshwo

    Wtf is wrong with this game. I’m talking about mechanic wise so any moral loser thinking i’m siding with not showing tits can shove off.
    The gameplay is as boring as hell, not enough customization and Aerias P2W random box grab snatch is an OVERKILL. I am SO not paying $50 for a measly shot at some costumes I can’t even get!

  • belen

    este juego es la leche el mejor e tenido $ 1.345.896
    es genial amo a operation 7 y a habbo

  • belen


  • WM

    My good lord, it seems not only the game content but also this game’s online ads are terrible as hell — they somehow have to feature Japanese female game characters like Cammy from Street Fighter II, Tifa from Final Fantasy, and Mikasa from Attack on Titans, that have nothing to do with this miserable game, in order to attract players…?! This is just totally pathetic…Just try reload the following page a few times.

  • Rei

    Just played this game last night and realize it just sucks, those pretty characters with big tits just got me

  • Michandon

    When I select my world, I hit enter and I can’t get past it.