Scarlet Legacy Prepares First Major Update


The first major update begins with the level cap being increased to 50. This means 67 new skills and 40 new stances will become available to players who reach max level.

Scarlet Legacy: A Sparkling F2P Jade


This game is based during the Jin Dynasty period; this sets it apart from other Chinese games due to most of them being based during the 3 Kingdoms (Wei, Shu, and Wu). The game features beautiful dungeons, world pk, pets, mounts and guilds to ensure all the MMO goodies are available to the player.

Scarlet Legacy Announces Open Beta


Scarlet Legacy will begin open beta on August 18th. Players will get their next opportunity to try out their fighting skills with ten new levels, a couples system, a pet system and much more.

Scarlet Legacy Enters Closed Beta


In a matter of minutes, GamesCampus' highly-anticipated fantasy MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy, will be entering into closed beta testing! Beginning today, beta key holders will have early access to join the fight and save Princess Scarlet from evil forces.

Scarlet Legacy Reveals Slew of Features as CB Approaches


The Auto-Help system is one of the most unique features in Scarlet Legacy, which automates typical activities players use on a regular basis. This function can be set up to buff players and their group, or use potions when a player's health, mana, or stamina drop below a certain percentage.

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    Any chance to see scarlet legacy published in the west and europe?