Yulgang Online (Scions of Fate): Open Beta Off to a Great Start

NEWS Yulgang Online’s beta started on Monday morning, with thousands of selected players joining the beta testing. During the beta players can participate in a big variety of events, from a level race, a...

Shotgun News 11/18: LOTRO, Red Blood, Yulgang Online, and More!

NEWS LOTRO Delays Helm’s Deep Launch Turbine has temporarily delayed the launch of LOTRO’s Helm’s Deep expansion after suffering a power outage at its data center. As of now all servers are up and op...

Scions of Fate Interview: GM Vampire Sleep Schedules


Scions of Fate is one of those rare 3D F2P mmos that has survived the transition of an MMO that was once exclusive for a country. The game has steadily earned itself a solid fanbase and has been up to this day running well.

Scions of Fate Review: Revisiting old Haunts


Scions of Fate revolves around the story of people who seek to understand the workings of the universes through the practice of Martial Arts. As the people started to evolve with the study, there came about two factions that believe on a certain principle in life emerged and because of the divergence of the two schools of thought a battle for supremacy had happen.