Second Life

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    Linden Research

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    Windows, Mac, Linux

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 6,706,287 people from around the globe.

* From the moment you enter the World you'll discover a vast digital continent, teeming with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity. Once you've explored a bit, perhaps you'll find a perfect parcel of land to build your house or business.
* You'll also be surrounded by the Creations of your fellow residents. Because residents retain the rights to their digital creations, they can buy, sell and trade with other residents.
* The Marketplace currently supports millions of US dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the in-world unit-of-trade, the Linden dollar, which can be converted to US dollars at several thriving online Linden Dollar exchanges.

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  • MissFresh

    trying to download it but it won’t let me

  • lulz

    hint: its full of fucking retards/autists and griefers/scammers/bot accounts and furries who take their characters too seriously and get so fucking buttmad if you make fun of them in any way about it which results in epic lulz and epic win for you!

  • adjef

    I played Second Life yesterday but this game is just too old, bugs galore, I had the graphics setting down low all the way and it was still laggy as hell, I have good fast internet and no other mmo lags like Second Life, it’s just one glitchy mess in serious need of an overhaul!