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    Windows, Mac, Linux

Second Life is a free-to-play casual simulation MMO developed by Linden Lab for PC, Mac, and Linux. Second Life does not have classes, any particular objectives, or any traditional MMORPG mechanics. Instead, the main draw of Second Life is the enabling of user creativity, avatar customization, and socializing (usually through roleplaying). The game is a massive, sandbox-like environment where other residents (players) have created a majority of the game's content and zones you can travel to. Those looking for a game they can truly get lost in will find themselves right at home in Second Life's practically limitless world.


Roleplay: Second Life gives you the chance to truly become whoever you want, whether it be a pirate, club owner, zombie fighter, or anything else entirely!

Creation: Creation is a key component of Second Life! If you can imagine it, you can create it. Animations, scripting software, 3D models, clothing, vehicles, and skin textures are just the beginning of what you have the tools to whip up.

Marketplaces: Sell your creations for Lindens in one of many marketplaces throughout the world. These Lindens hold a real world value and can be exchanged for US Dollars on the game's official website.

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  • MissFresh

    trying to download it but it won’t let me

  • lulz

    hint: its full of fucking retards/autists and griefers/scammers/bot accounts and furries who take their characters too seriously and get so fucking buttmad if you make fun of them in any way about it which results in epic lulz and epic win for you!

  • adjef

    I played Second Life yesterday but this game is just too old, bugs galore, I had the graphics setting down low all the way and it was still laggy as hell, I have good fast internet and no other mmo lags like Second Life, it’s just one glitchy mess in serious need of an overhaul!