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  • sin

    Did this game die out? I remember it changing URLs at one point but it seems to have vanished without a trace.

    • Sekkusuichi

      Yeah it did. Faded out like 2-3 years ago completely. Game had really sucked for a while anyway.


      • Spree

        WTG Blueghost, right Sekk?

        • Amanda N Jason Coakley

          Holy shit…Blueghost. Spent more time making signatures for his base LOL

  • trash

    pitty, i just wanted to join again for oldtime sake. I thought about it as a nice game. Just as merchant impires.

  • Amanda N Jason Coakley

    Holy crap! Sekkusuichi…..Spree…..havent seen your names in forever.

    I was Gfbasenut1

    I was player 59. An original.

    • SomeoneWatching

      I was your fan!! You kicked ass!

  • Brent Itmakesyoufly Prieur

    I wonder what it would take for that game to come back online. I wrote casper bang on google+ but he never responded. I loved that game. I loved getting the flag :)

  • Craggoo

    Seems like all the browser games of the distant past are gone. I checked out a few others I used to play and all of them are offline too. I’m sure anyone finding this page probably remembers me. I got banned a few times but mostly because the mods were so super biased. For the longest time, Casper had only one other mod and that guy was a biatch. He had no clue what he was doing in the slightest.

    • Amanda N Jason Coakley

      Exeon right??

      I remember you. I was Gfbasenut1

  • Sinropa

    I’m considering building a similar game system seeing as how this is clearly dead for good.

  • titch000004

    was just looking for the game to pop in and re-visit for old times sake, how disappointed i was, but funny to find this page and see familiar names, gfbasenut, sek and spree! I wonder whatever happened to the people who spent their lives on this game..

    • Sekkusuichi

      I’m still around.


    • Amanda N Jason Coakley

      Titch! This game took many of my hours as a youth. Ha!

      Good to see you around.

    • fatash

      I have looked a few times to see if this game ever woke from its slumber.
      shame it didn’t I really miss those long days and pulling all nighters inbetween shifts at work.

      The Gandus!

  • Sinropa

    Started building my remake on a server we’ve been playing with. If interested, you can create an account here and I will contact you when I open it to testing.

    It was a simple concept that fell apart due to laziness and bad ideas. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Hopefully we can get a taste of the good in the new system and see where it goes.

    • Sinropa

      Map complete, resource gathering and tool purchase implemented. Determined playable and open to testing.

      • Amanda N Jason Coakley

        Any update?

        I was Gfbasenut1, an original.

        • Sekk

          I’m sekkusuichi!

      • fatash

        Email links

    • Zofu

      Any update on this?

    • Guest

      What happened with this?

  • Sinropa

    Now that testing is in full swing you can find us at rather than the IP previously mentioned. Testing phase is open to all players with no obligation or costs. Have fun.

  • Josh

    Send me an invite to test.

    • Meclaydog

      I once played this game 18 hours a day. Been waitin a long time for someone to try and bring it back in some capacity. Please send me an invite also.

      • Amanda N Jason Coakley

        I remember you!

      • Firedevil

        Firedevil FTW ;)

  • Zofu

    Dang! I miss this game! I was either Zofu or Rambo back in the day! Anyone know of a game that’s somewhat like this?

  • Lovely Joshua

    Hey I miss this game also, but the web url don’t load for me :-(